Praise the Fuzz Festival Vol. II

Line-Up: Colour Haze, Naxatras, Zement, Lurch, Magic Shoppe, The Gluts, The Dharma Chain, Electric Jugs u.a.

Hinweis: Die Spielzeiten der Bands sind auf die Fahrzeiten der Bahn abgestimmt. Die letzten Züge nach Würzburg und Aschaffenburg werden erreicht. Die Stadthalle liegt in Laufweite zum Bahnhof.

Aus dem Staub der großen Sommerfestivals hat sich im letzten Jahr ein neues, kleines Festival in der Stadthalle Lohr geformt. Bereits zur ersten Ausgabe lockte die Location im Spessart zahlreiche Musikfans in die Stadt am Main. Die Veranstalter des Praise the Fuzz Festivals haben auch für die zweite Ausgabe 28. September ein hochklassiges Line-Up zusammengestellt. Headliner sind die Münchner Psychedelic Urgesteine von Colour Haze, die in diesem Jahr Ihr 30-jähriges Bandjubiläum feiern. Naxatras aus Athen spielen erstmalig im Spessart ihren verträumten Stoner Rock. Ebenfalls dabei sind ZEMENT aus Lohr, die sich mittlerweile zu einer der interessantesten deutschen Bands aus dem Bereich des experimentellen Psychelelic entwickelt haben. Abgerundet wird das Line-Up durch die vier Wienerinnen von LURCH und Magic Shoppe aus Boston.

Colour Haze

COLOUR HAZE aus München sind seit vielen Jahren DIE INSTITUTION der deutschen Psychedelic & Heavy Rock Szene.Die Band versteht es meisterhaft, mit ihrer Musik Bilder zu malen und Klang-landschaften zu erschaffen. Und wie in der Natur, so ist auch in ihrer Klangwelt ein stetes auf und ab angesagt. Da schweben ganz sanftmütige, leise Melodien durch den Raum, werden intensiver. Entspannte und doch bestimmte Rhythmen setzen ein, es entsteht ein packender Groove, der den Zuhörer sogleich hypnotisiert. Die Gitarre, eben noch verträumt und zärtlich gekost, wird zorniger, lauter, intensiver. Die Stücke entladen ihre „elektrohaschige“ Spannung in brodelnden, wuchtig brummenden Hardrockeruptionen, nur um dann wieder in sich selbst zusammenzufallen. Die Band feiert in diesem Jahr Ihr 25 jähriges Bandjubiläum, umso mehr darf man sich auf die kommenden Shows  dieser einzigartigen Band freuen. Pflichttermin !


Naxatras is a hard psychedelic rock band from Greece. They play a warm psychedelia full of fat grooves, dreamy melodies, heavy riffs and trippy guitar solos all with the vintage touch of the 70’s. They have been playing and developing their sound since 2012. In 2015, they recorded their first full-length album at Magnetic Fidelity with Jesus I. Agnew as their sound engineer. Only analog equipment was used in the recording/mixing/mastering stages of the album.  All the songs in the record were performed entirely live during just one day. „Naxatras“, which was released in 2015, became one of the best selling releases of the genre and has received wide critical acclaim. In 2016, they released their second full-length album „II“ as well as an EP.
In 2017, they released the single „All the Stars Collide Into a Single Ray“ and recorded their third full-length album, using similar fully analog and live techniques. Their third album „III“ was released in 2018, followed by corresponding live album from their sold-out concert in Athens, which took place at the iconic venue Gagarin 205.

For their fourth endeavour, Naxatras recruited multi-instrumentalist Pantelis Kargas for the keyboards and synthesizers. The artwork is a creation of longtime collaborator and friend, Chris RW, who’s artistic vision accompanied all of their albums. „IV“ was on the 25th of February, 2022.

The band has developed a reputation for high-energy live performances, combining elements of psychedelic/progressive rock, stoner, funk, jazz, electronic and eastern music with a trippy video wall to accomplish full stimulation of the senses. They have went on numerous tours and performed in most European countries, including distinguished festivals such as Desertfest, Ozora and Dunajam and a tour in Australia.


ZEMENT is Christian Büdel & Philipp Hager /PHOTO BY BENJAMIN BRÜCKNER
With their revolving rhythms, swirling synths and rough textures, Zement seek to build the experience of a music manufactory that incorporates elements of krautrock, psychedelic rock, noise rock and EDM.
The eclectic mix of influences and quality songwriting places the duo in the league of established experimental rock acts like Maserati, Trans Am and Föllakzoid. Through combining the wonders of the autobahn with intelligent nods to techno and free jazz, their current output is an excellent continuation of the band’s already impressive resumé. Continuous touring in the last couple of years also brought them the reputation as an excellent live band! They shared a stage with national and international bands such as Föllakzoid, Lucrecia Dalt, Elder or Russian Circles and also played tons of solo shows. Zements music is an endless meditation on the architecture of mind and the movement of bodies! Join us!


LURCH are a heavy psychedelic rock band from Vienna, Austria.

Magic Shoppe

Magic Shoppe are known for their love of distortion and reverb. Taking notes from My Bloody
Valentine, The Jesus and Mary Chain, The Raveonettes, Sonic Youth and Loop, the band has
a shoegaze sound that flirts with noise rock. Dark, fuzzed-out guitars can wash into soundscapes or crash into a sonic maelström. They balance retro and futuristic music with driving bass and dirty rhythms, mixed with dark vocal melodies.
Magic Shoppe have offered up their own wall of sound blend of raw Shoegaze across 5 LPs,
6 EPs and 1 Live LP over the past 13 years. The band recently hit 1.7 million streams for their
top Spotify songs, as well as having 65,000 Spotify monthly listeners. In the last 5 years,
Magic Shoppe have completed 4 tours of the EU/UK and 3 mini-tours of the US/Canada.
In April 2024 Magic Shoppe will be releasing their 6th full-length vinyl LP on Little Cloud
Records in the US & Canada, and on Cardinal Fuzz in Europe and the UK, followed by tours
of the US and the EU/UK.

Electric Jugs

ELECTRIC JUGS ist ein Garage-Punk-Duo. Sie präsentieren ihre Musik Live, mit einer digitalen Begleit-„Band“, um eine kraftvolle, entfesselte Performance zu kreieren welche mit Live-Gesang und fuzzgeladener E-Gitarre komplettiert wird.

The Dharma Chain

Emerging from the beaches of Byron Bay, Australia, and now thriving Berlin. Founded in 2020, The
Dharma Chain have relentlessly shared their unique blend of Shoegaze, 90’s garage and psychedelia
sound with audiences around the globe. In late 2022 the ensemble made the bold relocation to Berlin,
a transformation that ignited a new creative wave. Their live performance delivers a distinctive,
unconventional approach with no singular ‘Lead Vocalist’. Members are seamlessly switching
positions, creating a dynamic and ever-evolving stage presence. This collaborative ethos infuses their
vocals with harmonious balance and an enchanting auditory tapestry.
Having shared the stage with renowned names such as Mildlife and Nice Biscuit, their appetite is set
on larger stages and audiences. Dedication paid off when The Dharma Chain signed to Berlin-based
Anomic Records, propelling a new trajectory and paving the way for an eagerly anticipated album in
early 2024. The album showcases their sonic evolution, capturing the essence of a band unafraid to
expand musical boundaries and redefine the psychedelic experience.

The Gluts

The Gluts are a Milan (IT) based post-punk and psychedelic four-piece band whose members are: Marco Campana (guitarist), Nicolò J. Campana (frontman), Claudia Cesana (bassist) and Dario Bruno Bassi (drummer). To this date the band has released four studio albums, one live album and has contributed to a few printed compilations. In the last few years the band has toured all around Europe, played in some independent festivals, performed some shows both in South Africa and in USA. Their next album is titled
„BANG!“ and is going to be released on 31st May 2024 via Fuzz Club Records. In a nutshell, as they were once told, The Gluts are „Fucking loud bastards“.

Hinweis: Spielzeiten der Headliner sind so festgelegt, dass ihr die letzten Züge nach Aschaffenburg und Würzburg vom Bahnhof Lohr aus bekommt.

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